GPU-Z: Bios reading is not supported on this device. SOLVED!

It’s necessary to dump your Video BIOS, when you need either to modificate it, or make reserve copy, or use it for enabling your discrete GPU in Hackintosh. There are several utilities that allows you to make your own copy of GPU BIOS. Most popular is GPU-Z — it can dump VBIOS from ATI & NVIDIA cards.

Some users face with the following error «Bios reading is not supported on this device». This is the short guide how to resolve this issue. I’ve translated THIS GUIDE in english to share my experience with english-speaking auditory. So I’m sorry for my bad english =)


Some day i decided to make my ATI 7670M video card work in Hackintosh (my laptop-s model is HP ENVY M6 1151sr). That’s why i needed VBIOS dump — to use it with Clover. In my case, error occurred when i tried to dump VBIOS, that is a part of main motherboard BIOS. That’s because I have switchable graphics on my laptop (Intel HD 4000 & ATI HD 7670M). So, now I have a solution.

1st Method. Use another GPU-Z version

Firstly, try downloading another GPU-Z version from the developer’s forum thread: (ignore browser notification).

If you still have error, — maybe your issue is similar to mine. As i said above discrete GPU bios is often the part of the main UEFI BIOS. GPU-Z can’t read from that BIOS. But there’s another way to do this.

2nd Method. Get videobios from motherboard’s BIOS dump

NOTICE! Method described below was tested on Insyde BIOS of my laptop. I did’t test this on other BIOSes. Don’t worry, — you may provide the following steps without any risk. But I dont guarantee, that you’ll get positive result attempting to dump another vendor’s BIOSes.

So, let’s make main BIOS dump. I used Intel Flash Programming Tool, you can download it from here:

Unrar the application’s folder. Then run Command line with Administrator privileges and type following commands:

fptw.exe -d bios_dump.bin -BIOS  // or 
fptw64.exe -d bios_dump.bin -BIOS // if you use 64-bit version of utilite


You’ll see the file «bios_dump.bin» inside the program’s folder.


We’ll continue to disassemble our BIOS with PhoenixTool. Download link (forum registration requed):

Open PhoenixTool and specify the path to the file «bios_dump.bin». If it’s ok, Phoenix will print the vendor of your BIOS in «Status» section and dissasemble it.


After that program will create the folder «DUMP» next to «bios_dump.bin» file. Open it and you’ll see a lot of files with .ROM extension — they are the parts of our motherboard BIOS. Let’s find the part we need — video BIOS.


I’d like to use Total Commander for such searching. Navigate the DUMP folder incide the program window. Then click menu item Commands -> Search. Place the parameters below into corresponding sections:

  1. Search for: *.ROM;
  2. Find text: «ATOMBIOS» (for ATI RADEON cards), «NVIDIA» (for NVIDIA cards), or «SVGA BIOS» (for Intel GPU);
  3. Check «ASCII Charset (DOS)».
  4. Press «Start Search».


You will get one or several files in results area. By trial and error find the correct VBIOS file. For example my search results contained two files. I tried to load each of them into Clover and that way i found out what file was correct.

You can use another app for searching through the file content. You also can find VBIOS by sorting all files in DUMP folder by file size. VBIOS should be ~ 65 kB (+/- 10 kB) size. You’ll also need some hex-redactor to make sure the file has «ATOMBIOS» signature (ATI cards).


That was my «short» guide for resolving «Bios reading is not supported on this device» error. I hope, my experience will be useful for you. Waiting for questions, comments, likes. Sorry for my english again.

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